Red Snake Redneck BA (70cl, 55.0%)


The Blackadder Red Snake is bottled from the same single malt as the Black Snake though the Red Snake matures in first-fill bourbon casks.

It is the latest addition to the range of the independent bottler Blackadder and this release is one of their first Red Snakes. It matured in Redneck 55/01 and was bottled in January 2016 at 55% ABV, non chill filtered and with no added colour.

A limited single cask release of 252 bottles.

We all love the British television series by the same name, but there's a virtual smudge on Blackadder's label though: their 'Raw Cask' series. The unique trait of these bottlings is that they all have a lot of debris in them; supposedly the debris that comes from the cask and that's usually removed by chill filtration. Sounds charming, until you realise that it takes a LOT of effort to get some debris in each bottle... Apart from that, we like this whisky brand a lot - and the same goes for their 'sister brand' Clydesdale.

Blackadder RAW CASK is whisky as it always was. Whisky as it used to be. Every drop is "Whisky from the Old School". They wanted to bottle whisky as it would have been when served direct from the casks behind the bar in Scotland’s pubs one hundred years or so ago. Blackadder does not believe in chill-filtering or in colouring whisky. They believe that the purest is the best. Quite simply, Blackadder RAW CASK is every bit a Blackadder whisky but even more so. They use a special bottling process to make sure that each and every bottle of Blackadder RAW CASK contains its own share of the cask sediments as well as of natural oils and fats that might otherwise be left behind when filling a cask strength whisky straight from cask.

This ensures the maximum possible natural flavour is in each and every bottle. The only thing they do when bottling is to use a small filter to ensure that splinters of wood from the cask do not inadvertently pass into the bottle. Raw Cask is a registered Trade Mark of Blackadder International Ltd and is exclusive to Blackadder.

PEAT REEK is the smell of burning peat, the flavours of which are imparted in to malting barley as it is slowly dried while the smoky reek of the peat is drawn over it. For Blackadder PEAT REEK we select only casks of whisky produced using malted barley that has been heavily impregnated with the phenols and creosols of a gently smouldering peat fire. To ensure that this SINGLE ISLAY MALT retains all of its FULL BODY and INTENSE SMOKY FLAVOUR it has not been chill-filtered or otherwise heavily filtered. Nor has it been altered by the addition of caramel colour and flavouring.

PEAT REEK is a warm, rich and full flavoured natural single cask single malt whisky. It can be enjoyed neat or with added spring water to taste. With PEAT REEK they have majored on the peat in the whisky, selecting very heavily peated malt. In line with the philosophy of Blackadder, PEAT REEK comes from a single cask, giving you a malt whisky that is both richly rewarding in flavour and highly individual in style.

The distillery is not mentioned but could be found on the Isle of Islay!!

Bottler: Blackadder
Bottling serie: Limited Edition
Bottled: 01.2016
Strength: 55.0 % Vol.
Number of bottles: 252
Size: 700 ml
Cask Number: Redneck 55/01
Bottled for:
Cask Strength: Yes
Single Cask: Yes
Cask Type: 1st Fill Bourbon Cask