Port Charlotte PC10 (70cl, 59.8%)


Back in 2006, Bruichladdich bottled the legandary PC5. This bottling now, the PC10, is a 10 years old whisky matured in American oak. Allan Logan is the youngest Distillery Manager in Scotland and has been learning his trade at Jim's right hand for 10 years. He and the other young craftsman coming through are the future of this distillery. Bruichladdich recognize them now. "Tro Na Linntean" - Through the generations! A limited release.

Bruichladdich Distillery is located on the Rhinns of the isle of Islay in Scotland. The distillery produces mainly single malt Scotch whisky, but has also offered artisanal gin. It is owned by Rémy Cointreau and is one of eight working distilleries on the island. One interpretation of the Gaelic word Bruichladdich is "stony shore bank", referring to a post-glacial raised beach, though an alternative, perhaps more pertinent translation may be "rocky lee shore".

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Rémy Cointreau 1881 active Link Link
Bottler: Distillery Bottling
Bottling serie: Tro Na Linntean
Vintage: 2002
Bottled: 20.08.2012
Age: 10 years old
Strength: 59.8 % Vol.
Number of bottles: 6000
Size: 700 ml
Cask Number:
Bottled for:
Cask Strength: Yes
Single Cask: No
Cask Type: American oak

Nose: The opening is one of peat smoke and lemon juice, what an amazing contrast! On the second pass the malted barley and sweet, nutty, oak aromatics rise as one. The over-lapping fragrances are inter-mingling with the marine freshness that we know & love, hallmark of our island home, deep in the spirit lies the ripe guava, pineapple, gooseberry & honey-dew melon. They’re all cocooned within the cradle of smoke. Subtle notes of peppermint, pine and anise pop up like champagne bubbles. Aromatically, it’s absolute heaven for peat fans. The briny aspect is with you throughout, blowing in on the westerly slipstream - peated malt, sea air, succulent fruit, mellow oak, sun kissed barley, and soft demerara sugar.

Palate: The power surges onto the taste buds, detonating across the palate in wave after wave of flavour. The olfactory senses first detect the peat settling on the back palate, smouldering with intent. Then the combination of oak & barley take the middle ground & vanilla-dipped fruits hold fast on the front palate. With a second sip, the flavours integrate into a harmonious, vibrant taste experience, with the sweet, biscuity taste of the malt shining through to bring balance to the mid- palate. The natural oils hold all the components together giving a smooth- ness that chill-filtered spirits lack. The citrus, marine, moorland fresh- ness is a perfect foil for the peat flavours, giving a taste that can only be... Islay.

Finish: The peat-fire embers last long into the night, captivating one’s imagination of ancient life & times on this wild, Atlantic coast. The pleasure of sharing time with a spirit that is eager to please brings contentment, a soul-warming satisfaction. Manna of the wilderness.


Catégorie: Bruichladdich, Cask Strength, Islay, OB, Peaty, Port Charlotte, Rare, Scotland, Single Malt, Smokey

Types de produits: Scotch Whisky