Plantation Nicaragua 2003 (70cl, 42.0%)



Revealing a very suave Spanish style, this rum is distilled in traditional columns before aging in bourbon casks, and finishing in cognac casks. Dressed in tones of amber and gold, a buttery spicy nose reveals hints of baked fruit. Elegant and intense on the palate as it evolves into ripe banana and nutmeg layered in smoky notes.

Maison Ferrand is the result of the encounter in 1989 between Alexandre Gabriel and one of the oldest winegrowing families in the Cognac region. Alexandre Gabriel’s intention was to breathe new life into the Ferrand cognacs and make it the world’s best cognac. He wanted to maintain age-old, craft-based production methods which were worlds apart from mass production techniques, and sought to bring back to market the true expression of Grande Champagne’s – known as Cognac’s finest region – great terroir.

It is around these core values of authenticity and character that Maison Ferrand built up its business, first with cognac, then with other distinctive fine spirits such as gin whose particular character is based on a unique production method, and our rums which are matured using a very special technique.

Nowadays, Maison Ferrand is a highly regarded company that distributes its fine spirits in more than 40 countries, in some of the world’s most prestigious outlets. Maison Ferrand draws on a dynamic team of people who nurture a passionate interest in what they do.

In France

The Company’s head office and production facility is located amid the vineyards of Charente, in the 18th century Château de Bonbonnet in Ars. Maison Ferrand has made considerable investments to meet its exacting quality requirements and support its expansion: its production facility is one of the most efficient in the region and includes an ultramodern blending hall which was unveiled in 2004.

Maison Ferrand also co-owns Logis d’Angeac, a 100-hectare (247-acre) vineyard in the heart of Grande Champagne, which features a distillery that dates back to 1776.

In addition to its head office in Ars,Maison Ferrand also has an office in Viroflay, in the Paris region.

  • Origin : Nicaragua
  • Raw material : Molasses
  • Fermentation : 2 days
  • Distillation : 2003, column
  • Tropical ageing : 9 years in Bourbon cask, Nicaragua
  • Continental ageing, elevage : 18 months in Pierre Ferrand cask, Château de Bonbonnet, France

The nose is buttery and spicy with hints of cooked fruits and allspice. The palate is fine and intense with demerara sugar, banana chips and nutmeg, and elegant smoky notes, finishing on caramelized sugar and spice. Overall it's a delicious fine rum with a delicate smoky flavor.

The label shows the colonial baroque Cathedral of Leon, known also as the Royal Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The frieze represents the Andes Mountains also present on the coat of arms of Nicaragua.

Cigar recommendations from Jean-Marie Cornec (Chairman of the jury of Rum Fest Awards, France, Chairman of several rum tasting and cigar clubs)

  • Pairing Similarity (soft) Honduras CAO OSA – Sol ‘T’ – Petitfigurado
  • Pairing Opposites (strong) Cuba Punch – Punch Punch – Corona Gorda
  • Pairing Opposites (strong) Honduras Zino Classic – N° 8 ­ Churchill
  • Pairing Complementary Cuba Hoyo de Monterrey – DoubleCorona
  • Pairing Complementary Dominican Republic Balmoral – Añejo 18 ­ Robusto

Sugar cane is introduced in Nicaragua in 1880, nearly four hundred years after the first sugar cane plants were brought to the Caribbean. By the late 19th century, sugar cane plays an important part of the economy. Today, most of Nicaragua's agriculture is concentrated in a narrow strip of land between the Central Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. In addition to sugar cane, the tropical climate allows the production of bananas, cotton, rice and coffee. Tobacco is the highest exported agricultural product. It is grown above the valley on the cool slopes of mountains above the Pacific lowlands.

The first rum distillery is established in Nicaragua in 1890. It is now recognized as the only Nicaraguan distillery under the name of Compañia Licorera Nicaragua and distills significant quantities of cane native to Nicaragua. The distillery is modern and employs the column method. The aging is slower than in the Caribbean because the climate is milder.

Nicaraguan rums are light, aromatic and delicately woody.


Catégorie: Nicaragua, Plantation, Rum

Types de produits: Other Spirits