My Tasting Collection - Bourbon II (3 x 5cl)


You want to savor some great Spirits?  You don't know which Bottle or which Samples to choose?  You want to offer a great gift to a Spirits Lover?  We have the answer to all this questions...

The Noble Malts Team has assembled this Tasting Collection. We have choosen 3 samples out of our huge collection to create a great Collection you will love.

Our Tasting Collections are an ideal gift for Spirits Lovers...

  1. Jim Beam 6yo • 45.0%abv. • American Oak • Bourbon
  2. Buffalo Trace • Charter 101 • 50.5%abv. • Bourbon
  3. Wild Turkey 8yo • 50.5%abv. • Bourbon


Catégorie: Bourbon, Buffalo Trace, Jim Beam, Other Whisky, Sets, Unpeated, USA, Wild Turkey

Types de produits: Samples