Erasmus Bond Dry Tonic (24 x 20cl)


Erasmus Bond Dry Tonic was developed with a very specific function in mind, which is to be the perfect counterpart for the big and soulful gins we find on the market today. The nose starts off with a surprising blend of grapefruit, blood orange and bergamot and is a lot less “Dry” than one might expect. This is quickly forgotten though after the first sip which is neat and clean yet surprises the palate with a unique combination of grapefruit and gentian root. As it dies away the dryness becomes omni­present with quinine and bergamot taking the leading roles.

Nose: Grapefruit, bergamot and sanguinello.

Mouth: Neat and clean, with a velvet mouthfeel, gentian root and again a lot of ruby red grapefruits.

Aftertaste: Long but very clean with loads of quinine and bergamot.

  • Adnams Copper House
  • Adnams Sloe Gin
  • Blackwood’s 2007
  • Blackwood’s 2012
  • Both’s Old Tom
  • Broker’s
  • Caorunn
  • Citadelle Reserve
  • Colombian Ortodoxy
  • Death’s Door
  • Dry Fly
  • Ferdinand’s Quince
  • Forest Winter
  • Haymond’s Old Tom
  • Ish
  • Magellan
  • Martin Miller’s
  • Westbourne
  • Mombasa
  • Mombasa Colonel’s Reserve
  • Monkey 47
  • Old Raj 55
  • Spring Gin
  • Tanqueray
  • The Bitter Truth Sloe Berry
  • The Duke


Catégorie: Tonic Water

Types de produits: Other