Erasmus Bond Classic Tonic (24 x 20cl)


For the first expression in our new range of tonics we have chosen to make a tonic as it was originally intended. Erasmus Bond Classic Tonic is the perfect companion for the traditional London Dry gins and the more delicate gins available. However unusual it might seem to nose the mixer rather than the spirit, this one is definitely worth the effort of doing so. It starts off with a classic blend of citrus fruits, some elderflower and a touch of quinine. The velvet mouthfeel is dominated by a burst of liquorice, cassia bark and lemon peel immediately followed by quinine. The aftertaste lingers on with a beautiful balance between subtle bitterness and freshly zested lemon peel.

Nose: Slight hint of citrus, vitamin C powder, quinine in the background.

Mouth: Liquorice, quinine, lemon peel and cassia bark.

Aftertaste: Lingering but subtle bitterness with again a hint of lemon peel.

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Catégorie: Tonic Water

Types de produits: Other